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Your Lasso of Fate – 14 (Temperance)

Temperance tarot card is someone who is used to compromise and who has a patient and balanced approach. This is someone who has healing and psychic abilities. They often combine two totally different aspects of a situation to create something new and fresh. They are great at management, especially when it comes to managing people. This is someone who gets the best out of people. They believe in moderation and are aiming at long-term goals, higher education, and far away places. This is someone who lives their adult life quite different from how they grew up, often even in a new country with a different culture. They live by the rule; a marathon lasts longer than a spring, and pursuit their goals and dreams in the same manner. Everything happens when it’s meant to, there is no need to rush it. Temperance tarot card people are excellent communicators and mediators.

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